Data Learning Consultant
is a “know-how” company created to help an organization, research team or business to develop the strategy of using the Predictive Analysis in their practice by providing educational, methodological & technical expertise based on analytical results obtained from the customer’s data. Data Learning Consultant also works on any issue connected to the Predictive Analysis.
Predictive Analysis is a new aspect of management for almost any organization or business.
The Predictive Analysis is a key part of the “Big Data” phenomenon:
the storage, management, analysis & visualization of an enormous amount of numbers;
however, understanding & performance of Predictive Analysis actually defines the success of
dealing with this growth of information.
Development of math models has to be done as result of an agreeable collaboration
between the consultant & customer.
Predictive Analysis is based on mathematical tools of data analysis & provides new knowledge discovery. Mathematical models of factorization, clustering, regression & others, combined in sophisticated software products for classification, segmentation, decision support (decision trees) & others, allow leaders to recognize trends, patterns & interconnections in data bases. 

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